Folk Magic Herbs: Angelica Root

Agrimony is a perennial member of the Rose Family. It can grow as high as 4 feet tall, has serrated edges on its leaves, and short stemmed yellow flowers that are in bloom between the months of June & September. It is native to Northern Africa, Europe, and Western Asia though it has naturalized to large parts of the United States and Canada. It tends to grow in open spaces, hedgerows, and meadows. It favors wet soil and prefers direct sunlight, though it will do alright in partial shade.

The best time to harvest Agrimony is when its flowers first come into bloom, usually around Midsummer. You can harvest the leaves as you need them, or If you are preserving the flowers, leaves or stem for later use, then find a location that is both warm and dry. Spread out the flowers, leaves and stem on a wire rack to dry. Then store the dried out materials in an airtight jar for later use.

Also Known as:   Archangel, Dong Quai, Holy Ghost Root, Masterwort

Planetary Influences: Sun

Elemental Influences: Fire

Alleged Powers: Exorcism, Protection, Healing, Enhances Female Power, Visions, Wards off Evil

As Used In Witchcraft:

Angelica Root has long been known as a healing herb with the ability to cast illness from the body and protect it from harm.

It is also associated with Masculine Energy, the Sun and Fire.

Inhaling the smoke from its leaves is said to bring visions.

As Used in Hoodoo:

Angelica Root is known to be powerful with both protection and healing.

It is said to enhance female power.

Especially powerful when used in workings to protect children.

Wards off all forms of evil.

Can be used in spell workings to improve family relationships.

Is said to be used in workings to improve health.




  • Mix Angelica Root in a flannel mojo bag with Flax Seeds and Rose Buds or Rose Pedals. Dress the bag with Blessing Oil or Protection oil. Place the bag somewhere near the baby’s crib for protection.
  • Mix Angelica Root with Salt and Hyssop. Pray to your higher power asking for your home to be free from curses, jinxes, and to be protected from any such in the future. Take the mixture and sprinkle in onto the floor then sweep it up from the back of your home to the front door and out to the street. Sweep up the remains and leave them at a crossroads you don’t normally visit or cast them into a river or a stream.
  • Mix Angelica Root with Sandalwood and Eucalyptus.  Place the mixture into a mojo bag. Pray over it asking it to turn away all evil doers, both those in the body or in the spirit. Place the bag by or over your front door to repel evil people and evil spirits.
  • Take a White 7 Day Candle and poke a hole into the top of the candle. Place a few drops of Healing Oil into the hole. Then press three small pieces of Angelica Root into the wax. Pray over the candle asking your higher power to protect ((( Person ))) and to help them heal from their affliction.

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