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Earth Goddess

$ 7.00

The Earth Goddess is our original mother, she was here long before human-kind, she will endure long, long after. Through-out all the ages, she loves us deeply as only a mother can. She is with you as you walk the land, as you cross her rivers, work her golden-grain of the fields, or view from afar the snow of her mountain-tops. She will be with you always.

Each small print is 7 inches x 11 inches high mounted on a 9 x 12 inch board mounted on Double-sided, White, Double-thick, Bainbridge Utility Backing Boards with Neutral pH, Acid Free and 100% recycled fiber. The prints on boards are then protected by "Crystal Clear" brand Flap-Sealed Bags®

*Original Painting is 10 inches wide by 30 inches high, acrylic on canvas-- Not for sale.

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