Healing Spell Jar Candle
Healing Spell Jar Candle

Healing Spell Jar Candle

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Experience a return to vitality and well-being. This HEALING candle has been ritually dressed and prayed over by Jackson Ford using Divine Grace Healing Oil and with the following powerful herbs:

Angelica Root— alleged to be a powerful guardian and healer

Althaea Root— said to aid with both physical and spiritual healing

Self Heal— a powerful talisman for health

To cast the spell:

Hold this candle between your hands and visualize the healing you wish to conjure up for yourself or those you love. Imagine a shining body, healthy and strong. Surround this candle with images and symbols of health and vitality to activate the pathways of sympathetic magic.

Talismanic art by Helga Hedgewalker.

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