Protection Spell Jar Candle
Protection Spell Jar Candle

Protection Spell Jar Candle

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May those in need of protecting be enveloped by Divine Light. May they be shielded from all harm, ill wishes and negativity!

This Protection candle has been ritually dressed and prayed over by Jackson Ford using Keep Me Safe Protection Oil and with the following powerful herbs:

Agrimony— turns back and reverses ill intent and magic

Rue— undoes jinxes, protects and cleanses

Angelica Root— wards off evil

To cast the spell:

Hold this candle between your hands and visualize the protection you wish to conjure up for yourself and any you need to keep safe. Imagine an impenetrable wall that will only let allies pass. Surround this candle with images and symbols of defense and protection to activate the pathways of sympathetic magic.

Talismanic art by Helga Hedgewalker.

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