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Star / Moon Goddess (Print)

$ 7.00

The Star-Goddess is vast beyond imagining. Her body is the Universe itself, and the heavens are merely the dust at her feet. Yet for all that, she is infinitely more. The Star Goddess is the essence and thrill of mystery, rapture, ecstasy, and the font from which all life began. She is at the heart of all beauty and strength.
Each small print is inches x 11 inches high mounted on a 9 x 12 inch board mounted on Double-sided, White, Double-thick, Bainbridge Utility Backing Boards with Neutral pH,  Acid Free and 100% recycled fiber. The prints on boards are then protected by "Crystal Clear" brand Flap-Sealed Bags®
*Original Painting is 10 inches wide by 30 inches high, acrylic on canvas-- Not for sale.

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