Wealth Spell Jar Candle
Wealth Spell Jar Candle

Wealth Spell Jar Candle

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May your harvest be bountiful! May you have riches in plenty! 

This WEALTH candle has been ritually dressed and prayed over by Jackson Ford using Pots of Gold Money Oil and with the following powerful herbs:

Bayberry Bark— to draw money into your life

Peppermint— protects money and breaks up bad money luck

Cloves— for prosperity and enhanced money luck

To cast the spell:

Hold this candle between your hands and visualize the wealth you wish to conjure up for yourself. See yourself happy and prosperous with extra to share. Surround this candle with images and symbols of money and bounty to activate the pathways of sympathetic magic.

Talismanic art by Helga Hedgewalker.

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